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          Hotline:0757-8180 6768



          About us

          Foshan Bolaide Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a technological enterprise specialized in the design and manufacture of DC brushless motor, DC brushless fan, EC fan and so on.1. Our product has five characteristics as following : 1) Energy-saving and environmental protection; 2) stepless speed regulation; 3) simple control; 4) speed feedback; 5) strong applicability.1) Energy-saving and environmental protection: We use the high-performance magnetic excitation material, the efficiency of our product increased by 30%~50% compared to the traditional AC products, therefore saving 30%~50% of electricity...[Continue Reading]

          Contact us

          Address: 4th Floor, B Building, Hongyi Industrial Park, Shangbai, Luocun Village, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City